Approval needed for external connectors

We’re seeing a surge of interest in external developers building connectors for Hummingbot, especially now that we’ve launched $5k Gitcoin bounties for our next exchange partners, Liquid and We have a number of developers interested in building connectors to earn these bounties, as well as developers building connectors for other exchanges.

Enabling 3rd party developers build exchange connectors is the main reason we open sourced Hummingbot, but we need to create a more structured process for it. We will soon publish official guidance on the requirements and process for an external connector to be merged into the master branch of the Hummingbot codebase. In addition, we are currently writing documentation that clarifies how to build and test a Hummingbot connector.

In the meantime, any developer building a connector that they want to merge into master should get approval from us beforehand. Our small team of engineers has to support and test all connectors going forward, so we have to ensure that we’re spending our time appropriately. We also have to ensure that any connector we merge into the codebase will be maintained going forward.

To get approval, please email with a description of what you’re looking to build, including details such as:

  • exchange website
  • API documentation site for the exchange
  • your development experience
  • expected timeframe

This only applies if you’re looking to get your code merged into the Hummingbot codebase, not a custom fork.