Bypass c_tick to enable skew order placement


I am looking to create a simple extension to the pure_market_making strategy to enable skewed order placement on fill. I am only considering the single bid/ask case for now.

On fills of bid orders I want to cancel-replace the corresponding ask order with a slightly lower price. On fills of ask orders I want to cancel-replace the corresponding bid order with a slightly higher price. Is it possible to bypass the c_tick to place orders independently of it? If yes, what are important points to consider in terms of timing/order queueing and so on?

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You can freely do order cancels / create orders in event handling functions such as c_did_fill_order(). So if you want to react to market events you can do so without being limited by c_tick(). Just remember to properly track what you did with the orders s.t. you don’t emit duplicate orders or get stuck.