Connector based on binance

I have a question about the connectors! I based mine on binance connector. The main difference I have is that binance has a stream for several user data and order. I only have a stream for updating the orderbook and user trades. My question is related to the syncronization of the modules. I have this variable

which is initialized in the TimeIterator, as far as I can see. But looks like when I ran it I lose this variable in the midway or it is never inherited. Not sure what the problem is. I understand that the c_start is from network_interator but i don’t see why the variable is never inherited. What can be the problem here ?

Second question. So when i made modified the binance market i moved it to python instead of cython code because i was building on docker so rebuilding was taking me a lot of time. Could it be that this change affects the speed of the process and that’s why I’m not getting this variable ? To solve this issue I set the variable in the same market class but of course this doesnt solve the problem. I think it must be an error not raising from the c_start function in TimerIterator.

  1. If you define you own c_start(), you need to remember to call the parent class’s c_start() inside to initialize variables like self._current_timestamp. Perhaps you’ve missed that?

  2. It’s easier to build market connectors in Cython rather than Python in our current architectural design - because Python functions cannot call Cython functions directly. That may be a reason why your self._current_timestamp broke - if you create a c_start() in Python and call the superclass’s c_start()… it basically won’t work.

    It’s possible to work around that by building a bridge class that bridges all the c_* functions to Python and then start building from there. But if your reason for doing that is just build time… then maybe doing the development on a Linux VM would be a better solution.