Custom strategies not MM or Arb based

Hello hummingbotters -

Has anyone used the HB platform for custom strategies which are not ARB or MM based ?

we are exploring using hummingbot to code a custom trending / grid based bi directional trading strategy that can have multiple long / short positions open on any trade for example and triggers from indicators like super trend / Stochastics / RSI etc etc

We noticed this which got us thinking…but I guess anything is possible just wondering is it is worth exploring further

“Advanced users can also utilize our plugin-based architecture to create and customize their own strategies. In addition, Hummingbot supports both centralized and decentralized exchanges

We used to run a trend following quant hedge fund, so we specifically designed the plugin system used in the pure market making strategy to accommodate, for instance, a filter that adjusts the prices utilized in the MM orders to account for the predicted market direction.

Do you have more specific questions as to what parts of the codebase to change?