Exchange Trade rules may differ from other exchange

I am reading about creating a exchange connector and i noticed that trading rules play a part in order placement by bot. There is a exchange software and it doesn’t have straight forward trading rules as binance and other exchanges have. It have different fee structure where fee are charged in %ages but order pays a minimum fee if its %age fee is less than minimum fee is charged. For example
Trading rule:
Market_id: ADA/BNB
Minimum order amount: 10
Minimum order size: 1
Fee on quote: 1%
Minimum quote fee: 1 (BNB, static fee)

Order execution
10 amount of ADA is sold at a price of 1 and gets 10 BNB in exchange.
%age fee = 0.1 BNB, Minimum Fee: 1 BNB
so charged fee will be 1BNB not 0.1 BNB

my question is that will hummingbot be able to work with these kind of trading rules?

Trading rules like this would have to be programmed into the connector for that exchange, so that calculations such as performance would be accurate.

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