Help, Nosetest Process Is Stuck

Hai i try to develop new connector for Tokocrypto Exchange, but i got problem when running unit test using nosetest, the process not returning an error, but seems stuck, i use windows os, any suggestion? photo_2020-01-13_14-20-05

Hey @septian you can try some of these based on my experience when running the nosetests on the existing markets:

  • Make sure conda environment is running by conda activate hummingbot.
  • Make sure the API keys are entered correctly.
  • You can also create a file inside the conf directory to store the values of the requirements for running the test.
  • If you get stuck with nosetests, you can run a python command to see what’s wrong with the test i.e. execute command python

Thanks @docana will try soon…

i try running conda activate hummingbot inside hummingbot root directory, but return error Could not find conda environment: hummingbot.

the path of your working directory should be same where your conda installed when activating conda environment for instance:

export CONDAPATH="$(pwd)/miniconda3"

export PYTHON="$(pwd)/miniconda3/envs/hummingbot/bin/python3"

export hummingbotPath="$(pwd)/hummingbot"

so when you do conda activate you should able to see base on your current cli then you should be able to use conda activate hummingbot

here are the video tutorial

thank you @PtrckM, i will try

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