Improvements to crossMM strategy

A number of users have reported that the cross-exchange market making strategy sometimes doesn’t place orders, even when the displayed profitability in status exceeds the min_profitability parameter.

After an audit of the strategy, we believe that we can improve how it works by having it always place orders on the maker book, rather than deciding whether or not to place orders. The maker order prices will be the taker book hedging price (the price at which the bot can hedge a filled order on the taker book) plus min_profitability and transaction costs.

In addition, this should make the crossMM strategy simpler for those of you who want to customize it. We expect this to be released in the next couple of weeks.

What other changes do you think we should make to the crossMM strategy?

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I would like to see more takers supported rather than just one. And to use the maker as a common liquidity pool for all of takers.

I’m also unclear if different quote currencies are supported, e.g. BTC to ETH. I suspect no because it won’t be able to hedge without converting.