Integrating Stablecoinswap

I’m integrating Stablecoinswap exchange and i need few advises.

  1. To fetch trading pairs i need to use ethereum rpc(stablecoinswap hasn’t API). What’s the best way to add RPC calls into tradingPairFetcher?
  2. I can’t implement limit orders for this exchange, is that okay? I need to specify it in code somehow?
  1. You can refer to how we do ERC20 smart contract calls in our web3 wallet and wallet backend code. e.g. the execute_transaction() function should allow you to schedule and execute arbitrary Ethereum smart contract calls.

  2. That’s ok. You can just raise a NotImplementedError for limit orders. Just remember to clearly document that so other developers and users don’t get confused.

execute_transaction() sends tx to network but i need to just retrieve data from contract. I’m asking about this because hummingbot call tradingPairFetcher on the start but user provide ethereum RPC url later, what to do about it?

The tradingPairFetcher is primarily used to improve the UI – so that the users know which trading pairs to enter at the configuration stage. Requiring an input just for the tradingPairFetcher sort of defeats the purpose. I believe you can just skip this step and create a placeholder function – the UI won’t be as nice but the connector should work.

If you really want to implement it, I believe the best way is to host a server that returns all available trading pairs. Are you a developer for the Stablecoinswap exchange? If so, it should be easy to create an API endpoint as well.

Thanks. I fetch order book from blockchain, should i add BLOCKCHAIN to OrderBookTrackerDataSourceType?