Pure Market Making - benefitting from BitMEX maker fees

Two questions about Hummingbot pure market making strategy please

  1. Would it possible please either to add a stop loss to the pure market making strategy so that if I were market making in only one direction (i.e. following an uptrend, or a downtrend), I could >limit< sell my position if the coin price deviated from the mean by more than a given percentage of the buy price? For example, suppose I am trading an uptrend, and I am happy for the coin price to change by 1%, but I want to avoid getting stuck in that position should the market continue to move beyond that to follow a. prevailing trend. For reasons given in 2) below, and by contrast to the normal way that stop limits are imposed, this should have the possibility to be placed as a maker order.

  2. Supposing I wanted to base a MM strategy on fast trading the volatility on the price action of a coin (let’s say every minute or so, or even shorter) by setting an extremely tight spread to benefit from accumulating a large number of (BitMEX) maker trade rebates. Would it please be possible, or is there a community one available, to provide a BitMEX connector (apologies but I don’t have the skills to create this myself) ? In particular if it could be combined with the point above, it could be an interesting way to MM by following trends up and down to aggressively profit from very short-term volatility.

@Tilanthi Your inquiry was answered by Mike on our dev channel.

Reposting answer from discord channel :

mike | coinalpha:

On Q1, I think this could be a custom modification of the current bot’s logic, either using the kill switch or a plugin to the pure market making strategy.
We are focused on spot exchanges currently and plan to research supporting margin/futures exchanges in Q2
Currently, all of our engineers are working on the liquidity mining infrastructure. Q1 seems like it would be pretty straightforward if someone is experienced with the Hummingbot codebase.

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