Server load up issue

I will apologize in advance, my journey into crypto (altogether) and computer languages only started about 2 months ago so I may not understand jargon. I had some issues following the tutorials for AWS so I set up an 18.04 Ubuntu server on Microsoft azure. I was able to complete all the steps up to installation and even had Hummingbot up and running for a few moments. Before I could do any configuration I had to close Termius (my SSH client) for a moment. When I did this it ended my Hummingbot session (or at least took me back to terminal default)

How do I reopen my session without going through the installation process? Did it shut down? Will I have to boot it up every time I log into my server? If I do is it still technically running?

Closing the terminal while Hummingbot is running would exit you out of the client. Assuming you installed Hummingbot via Docker using the scripts, pressing the keys CTRL+P then CTRL+Q in that sequence will redirect you to your Linux terminal while keeping the Docker instance (Hummingbot) running in the background.

To confirm status, do command docker ps -a while in Linux terminal.

Use the script to reconnect to a running Hummingbot instance. Do command ./ in the directory where the script is located.

if you install via docker, you can start your hummingbot via:
docker start name_of_your_instance && docker attach name_of_your_instance
you will find the name_of_your_instance by typing the command docker ps -a

if you install via source, you can start your hummingbot via:
activate conda by typing: conda activate hummingbot then do a bin/

as suggested from @docana when using VPS cloud, when you want to run hummingbot on background without closing the bot do a ctrl +P then ctrl + q on hummingbot.

You can find this documentations on

If you are a windows user you can also try GUI binary installer from aside from docker and source installation.