Update on Liquidity Mining launch

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on launch timing for Liquidity Mining:

Our whole team has been working incredibly hard on the data, back-end, and front-end infrastructure to support the upcoming launch. This is a huge engineering challenge because we have to collect order book data from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, aggregate the data and pipe it in real-time to the Hummingbot Miners web app, and automate payouts using Ethereum. Getting this system to work in a robust, performant, and scalable manner is hard.

The system is almost there, but we need more time to solve performance bottlenecks and do more testing before launching with real token payouts. Therefore, we are announcing new dates for the commencement of open beta and production launch of Liquidity Mining. We believe that this extra time will enable us to solidify the infrastructure and provide the best experience for our partners and liquidity miners alike.

Wave 1: Campaigns on Binance and 0x Mesh
Open beta: February 3, 2020
Production launch: March 2, 2020

Wave 2: Campaigns on Liquid
ETA: April 2020